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decoloration of hen's comb

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  • decoloration of hen's comb

    I have 3 cocks and 3 hens
    2 hens r egg laying
    From previous days i have been noticing that comb of 3 has become purple at tip and other 3 has pink comb
    All the chickens shows normal activity
    I heard that decoloration of comb is not a healthy symptoms
    I need suggestion from experts
    Wut shud i do????
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: decoloration of hen's comb

    Brother it is a sign of either heart failure or liver failure, anything which has effected blood circulation. Or the chicken have eaten something toxic which has resulted in this failure.
    It can also be due to frost-bitten issue. If it is due to this, apply some vaseline on the comb.

    Also increase ventilation, if they are in a cage, improve ur diet as well.
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      Re: decoloration of hen's comb

      Brother i dont think so that they have effected liver or heart bcoz their dropping is perfect means healthy sings
      They r active and i give them corn bajra wheat rice onion etc
      Previous days when i saw their de colored comb i release them to the corridor to give them fresh air
      After 20 min their comb became completely red
      So i concluded that due to change of weathr
      Their is ventliation issue in their cage altough they live in big cage 3x8 feet
      And cage has also become dirty
      INSHALLAH i will clean the cage tommorow and share the results


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        Re: decoloration of hen's comb

        And i forgot to tell im aldo applying mustard oil ( sarson ka teil ) on their comb
        And anyothr healthy food for them kindly telll me


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          Re: decoloration of hen's comb

          My frnd also told me that their comb colour change when they r facing a thing that is allergic to them