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Review on Civil Veterinary Hospital,Gujranwala

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  • Review on Civil Veterinary Hospital,Gujranwala

    One of my cockatiel female was having a tumorous growth of a cyst on one of her leg and it was increasing with every rising day so today I took the bird to Civil Veterinary Hospital in Gujranwala on the recommendation of a friend. The doctors there seemed professional and they recommended to have that cyst removed through a surgery. According to the doctor, the cyst was not life threatening and a little surgery will solve the problem and the bird will be fine in a week or so. The doctor referred me to a person who was clearly not holding any sort of certification in this field but was there as an assistant to do the jobs related to surgery.

    That person upon examining the bird said that this operation could be lethal and can be life threatening and asked me to bring the thickest-possible needle, as according to him we had to put stitches on bird's leg as well after the removal of tumor. So I did. Right before the operation, I went to the doctor again to ask him to use some sort of local anesthesia because undoubtedly the removal of that tumor would've been very painful for that little soul and the operator himself stated that the bird could die due to pain, but the doctor coaxed me and asked me to relax and nothing will happen as the cyst is on leg so it's removal will bring no danger to bird's life. Realizing that the doctor knows more than me I moved forward for the surgery.

    As soon as the so-called operator asked me to come to the area where the surgery has to be carried out, I was shocked at the unhygienic environment of that area. He was going to use unsterilized instruments without wearing any sort of gloves to avoid germs getting into the bird's body. He asked me to hold the bird myself while the surgery happens.

    Anyways, the operation started I was holding the bird in one of my hand and he once again warned me about the bird's life and started to cut the feathers covering the cyst. Soon he slowly cut the cyst by a sharp blade and the bird shivered in severe pain. It was very painful not only for the bird but for me as well. My hands were fully wet with blood. He tried to stop the bleeding by a piece of cotton and was pretty successful in doing so.. The cyst was removed and the bird was alive, I thought that the bird will get through this and that the little soul fought really well. The operator asked me to inject pain-killer into the bird and surprisingly he picked up a USED syringe from a stack of instruments and washed it with water and was filling painkiller in it. It is very very dangerous to inject using an unsterilized and used syringe. As soon as he moved forward to inject the bird. The seemingly-fine bird started to tremble in my hands and certainly the soul was leaving her body and within few seconds she died. The operator was like "Mene to pehle kaha tha k mar skta h ye". The little bird couldn't bear the pain and lost the toughest battle of her life.

    I don't blame anyone for the death of the bird but my point is that for such critical conditions the doctors should've or I should say must've proper, clean and sterilized instruments and the facility to provide local anesthesia to the animal also the operation should be carried out by a certified person. But isn't it too much to ask for in a state where humans aren't getting proper health facilities? What to expect for these innocent creatures?

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ
    We belong to God and to Him we shall return
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    That was very unfortunate. After watching the video I was sure that they handled the case very casually and didn't know what to do. You, yourself could have done a better job at home. Using methods to sterilize needles n create a microbe free environment.

    Daniyal Khan