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  • Amazed by breeding result

    Aoa Friends - I have a new lovebird pair, female is common lutino and male is lutino personata, they laid 4 eggs first time and 3 of them hatched, I'm amazed that the 3 chicks don't resemble the parents at all, they're more like common peach faced in green color and pinkish head and no ring around eyes (no personata).

    Can anyone with experience in cross breeding shed some light on this please?


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    This pairing is NEVER acceptable.
    You have paired a NON-Eye ring lovebird(Lutino).
    With a Eye ring Lutino Personatta Lovebird.
    From this pairing you got MULES. The chicks you got are mules and are sterile. That is they won't be able to breed and produce chicks/offspring.

    Break the pair. And REMEMBER. Always pair personatus with personatus and
    Always pair non-eye ring peachfaces with non-eye ring lovebirds.
    Get new birds for making new pairs.
    You can read more on this on the internet. Good luck
    Daniyal Khan


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      Get a Lutino bird and pair with your Lutino.
      And get a Lutino peraonatta to pair with your lutino personatta.
      Daniyal Khan


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        Wrong pairing, eye ring bird are to be paired with eye ring birds only.
        Chicks produced are mules and will not be able to breed when turned adult. In addition, have almost no market value.

        Get male for the female and eye ringed female for this male. Dont throw away any of the parent, as they are settled at your place and you have confirmation on their gender.
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