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Need female cat for mating

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  • Need female cat for mating

    I have a male cat punched face age 6 7 months i need a cat for mating dont want cash just want 2 kittens
    don't have any idea that how much time it will take for mating but still if interested serious ones contact me 03169003535 location islambad

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    Re: Need female cat for mating

    Dear, 6-7 month male cannot mate to produce. Also, better to wait for another year at least that he grow well. One of the side effects is that he will start to spray/marking all around your house and will also become aggressive when paired.
    mating require 2-3 days if cat is in her heat cycle. better post any picture to see the quality of your tom cat.

    Good luck.
    Haroon ur Rasheed

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